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Cristina Jones

Cristina Jones is The Blind Soprano hailing from Southern California. She has performed recitals, concerts, and operatic works domestically, as well as internationally. Notable highlights include portraying The Mother in Amahl and the Night Visitors, Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, Art in the Dark, various disability awareness concerts, including for the BBC and Segerstrom Hall during their Disability Celebrations, and various creative projects that have allowed her to tell her story through musical means.

Upon receiving her Bachelors of Music from California State University, Fullerton, where she studied with Linda Leyrer, Cristina graduated with a first from the Royal Academy of Music where she received her Master of Arts in Vocal Performance. While there, she studied under Julie Kennard. Currently, she studies with Fred Carama, and she spends her time giving workshops, working in recording studios, as well as stage and screen sets and performances. Alongside performing and teaching, Cristina also uses her time to help fellow blind performers learn about and use the resources available to them, and she works toward further inclusion and awareness of the community of which she is a proud member.

When she’s not screeching for audiences or at students, Cristina is tap dancing, laughing, reading a good book, going on adventures with her guide dog Bradford, or advocating and raising awareness for an empowered and enriched life as a soprano who happens to be blind.