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Viva Frida2

It’s in your life.

Opera For El Paso

The mission of El Paso Opera is to harness the transformative power of our art to engage with the local and larger community as a lasting and valued cultural service.                                                                                                         Our Core Values:

  • Artistic integrity
  • Community engagement
  • Education
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Opportunities for local and emerging talent
  • Accessibility
  • Fiscal responsibility
  • Passion

Looking Forward

To position ourselves as a valuable member of El Paso’s Arts Community by continuing to provide a product unlike any other in our region Through a combination of tradition and innovation El Paso Opera will continue to reach new audiences and prove itself and this art as relevant.

Organization History

El Paso Opera began in 1992 as Opera a la Carte offering excerpts of classical opera. After overwhelming support indicated a desire for fully-staged, complete operatic productions, the organization expanded into a full company in 1994. By 2000, El Paso Opera had more than 1000 season subscriptions! El Paso Opera is proud to be known as the first opera company in the United States to display dual supertitle translations in both English and Spanish. We have continued to give the region high-quality art and entertainment despite financial difficulty and a trying economy.

Production Archives

Staff Members

Arianne Marcee

Executive Director

Justin Lucero

Artistic Director

Mariana Sandoval

Office Manager

Cherry Duke

Artistic Associate

Josh Lintz

Technical Manager

Will Seyffert

Director of Video Content


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Board of Trustees

L->R Board Member Omar Rodriguez, Treasurer Michael White, Executive Director Arianne Marcee, President Chelsea Lamego, and Board Member Adrian Ordoñez (photo credit El Paso Inc.)

Chelsea Lamego

Past President

Stacey Hunt Spier

Vice President

Marcela Flores Fernandez

Michael White

Andrea Spier

Robert Holguin
Adrian Ordoñez
Omar Rodriguez
Sondra Santaella
Jay Stratton
Kimberley Wolfenbarger-Nakamoto

Honorary Board Member

Wilma Salzman

Season 27 Guild Members

Cecilia Carpio
Mary Lou Currier
Fay la Fon
Suzanne Hubbard
Gloria Lavis
Linda McClain
Linda Medlock
Nancy Pasqualone
Kathleen Peyton
Robert Postma
Lynn Provenzano
Dede Rogers
Ellen Saad
Wilma Salzman
Ann Ward
Bernice Williams